This site contains cookies. There is a law “electronic communication”, that everyone who visits a website with cookies should receive information on:

• That the site contains cookies

• What these cookies are used for

• How cookies can be avoided

What is a cookie?

On every user’s computer there is a small text file stored called a cookie. It makes the website better for your users, and it gives us statistics about the use of The cookie is completely harmless to your users and it contains no personal information.

Different types of cookies

There are different types of cookie, a so-called permanent cookie and a so-called session cookie. We use both at The first (permanent cookie) is used to measure visitor statistics and the number of page views. The second (session cookie) is used to manage your choices on the website, e.g. if you put an item in the shopping cart.

When you close the browser, the session  cookie disappears while regular cookies are stored for a longer period of time on your computer.

Accept cookies

You have the choice of accepting cookies or not. If you do not accept cookies you will not be able to place orders with us. On most browsers, cookies are automatically set to accept it.

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