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Package Offer!
Tray and kitchen towel with the motif “Sweden”.

Regular price for both tray and kitchen towel is 428 kr.

Valid until 31/7-20.

A classy snack tray in size 35×15 cm. Suitable for both serving or as an interior decoration in the home. The tray is made in Sweden and the design is hand-drawn in black and white colors.

Kitchen towel
A stylish kitchen towel in size 50×70 cm. Hand-drawn designed of Sweden. Made in Sweden and printed with water-based and environmentally friendly paint. Detail for suspension available.

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Care Tray
Material: Molded birch veneer. Made of FSC-labeled birch veneer in several layers.
Design: Hand-drawn pattern in the form of Sweden in the colors black and white.
Dimensions: 32×15 cm.
Maintenance: Can withstand washing in dishwasher.

Care Kitchen towel
Material: 50% Cotton & 50% Linen
Dimensions: 50×70 cm
Color: Black & white
Maintenance: Wash at 40°C


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